Future plans of the author of CloneCD



I just posted the article Future plans of the author of CloneCD.

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Here are the plans for CloneCD 3.x (and note - these are “plans”. No promises!):

Clone 2.x is still too complicated. Too many settings. Too many problems with…

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All verry cool, just can’t wait untill it’s November…

In the mean time let’s see what the next 1000 releases of version 2 will bring.




once again olli, you are the man, time to register people.


I hope the HP8100 will be fully supported for overburning in this next release…


Is the yammy 16/4/4 supported yet? or even planned? if so then i’ll buy it, if not well get it added!


I have a brand new Plextor 18/10/48.
Will it be supported by CloneCD ?



Entity, I think you’re mistaking. I don’t think your burner exists.


Still not any Teak CD-R55S support.
PLEASE take this in Priority list. as the TEAK is quite good reading Protected CD’s