Heya everybody,

this article is VERY important for the future of the comics. So far I have not yet decided to stop the work. I really want to publish more and more comics but I would need some help. I would like to ask if anybody here would like to help.

The problem is the webspace and the wesite of the comics. I just don’t have the time to manage a whole website about comics so I would like to ask if anybody here is interested to create a homepage about the comics that I will publish in the future.

The person would of course get ALL comics that were published up to now and should manage the website and upload the comics. I would send the comics via mail and the person should manage that. Perhaps with some nice options like Rating for each comic and so on…
Well I could upload the comics on my server and send the URL of the comic to the person who will include the comic on the new website!

That would be really great if anybody would like to help me!


Then please answer to this thread…
I’m not online during the weekend but I will read everything on Monday, OK?


Alex “Rylex”


Alex, if I could I would … but I don’t have any webspace (hell I don’t even have internet at home).

Hopefully someone else, because I would like to read all your comics.


Thanks Namoh… but I don’t think anyone will help here…


if i could i would. but i´ve not enough webspace.


H3rB3i - I just would need a good layout in HTML and somebody who manages it.
OK to save some webspace ALL comics will be left on MY server - so I just would need somebody to make a good layout and point to the pictures. I think that would not take much webspace because some HTML-files would just need a few Kilobytes on my opinion.
Are you still interested? Or is there another problem with the webspace?


I got plenty of webspace (depends on what kind of harddisk i use), but my adsl upstream isn’t that efficient:). There are plenty of free hosters though, check out http://www.clickherefree.com or so.


Well my problem is just that I would need somebody, who could manage the website for me and puts the comics in a nice layout… :wink:


perhaps an amazing idea : host all pictures on the cdfreaks frontpage and enjoy a new cartoon there. Should be no more than a simple ftp upload for you (Rylex) and some webdesign for the CdFreaks staff.


And who of the CDFreaks team could do that stuff for me?
Upload is OK for me no problem - but would they really do this work for me?


Well i coult make a web page for it but my skills are not that great.
I can make simple pages and i like the idea to update the site with all the comics because i also safe them on my harddisk.
My upload is also a problem and my pc is not always on.
So if someone knows some webspace with (not to disturbing adds and) a ~50mb webspace i see no problem in creating and updating a page a few tmes a week. :slight_smile:


Hi khuls86

thanks for your offer to help me :slight_smile: - I think we should be able to find some webspace without too much adds… or maybe even the CDFreaks team could help us here?

If you want to create the website for the comics… would you want the comics via email or just the adress where you can link to or download them?

Like I said any help is welcome… if more users want to help me we can create a team that will manage the website :iagree:


Hey there Rylex.

I will be willing to help you out in any way possible. Unfortunatly I don’t think I will be much help.

I can create simple websites but nothing that would do justice to your comics. If needed then I just use some free webspace from someone like tripod but that contains numerous ads and pop-ups.

I feel like I am letting you down for not being able to help you out more. Sorry about that.


Thanks Womble for your offer to help me!
I think EVERYBODY who is interested should join the website staff and these people should manage the website. Would be a great idea in my opinion!
Well khuls86 and Womble and everybody else who wants to help - I would be very thankful if you would do the website for me :wink:


You may send the comics to my mailadres once you have a new one. (see pm for mailadres)
But how about the design of the website?, like lay-out, colors, pictures, etc.
If anyone has an idea for the design please post it :slight_smile:


Yeah I would be very glad if anybody here has ideas about the design. Well I think I will open a new post about this design/website topic in the next days!
(Thanks khuls86 for the help!)