Future of internet news

While reading up slashdot, I just came across this one:

Matthew asks: “Now that the Internet has become an integral part of many people’s lives, it has also become the place where many of us get our daily news reports (think Slashdot, New York Times, etc). The decentralization of the Internet offers many advantages over traditional media such as newspapers and television, as the user has more control over what to view and when to view it. But how does the future of this utopia look? With the uprise of ad blockers, are we going to be able to get our news for free? Will the Internet become a place for the “selected few” with money to spend? How do DRM and Trusted Computing play into the role? What does Darwin say will happen to newspapers, radio, television?”


What do you think of the future of internet news? Has is evolved in your life? Do you prefer internet or newspaper? What are your perspectives for CD Freaks?

I think there are a lot of growth potentials and new areas to be invented and discovered. Paper-based news media are still better for me, but I use online media for most news I get.