Future for Optical Storage


 Not sure if some one has asked before.

 I am thinking of using M-disc to backup my photos, I have just set up my NAS though. What is holding me back is that it seems to me that there is not much development in Optical media. M-disc no doubt can store the data for a very long time, what if there is no Optical reader in the future, how am I able to retrieve the data? The lifespan of the Optical reader is somehow limited; my DVD Writer has just refused to work after 6-7 years.

 I am not aware of the development/market of the other part of the world. It seems to me that we are just moving towards HDD or SSD, but the longetivity of the data stored is not as along.

 I like to hear your views, and I hope that my worries are baseless.


Well, it´s my opinion.

I work for ca. 20 years with optical media and bought my first CD-writer in begin of year 2000.

CD and DVD were big milestones.

Anyone remember Win95? Over 30 floppy-disk or just one CD, which had more free space than used memory.
Many concerns about the longevity, but I can say that I have many CD-R from 2000 which are still flawless readable. I don´t know whether HDDs which are over 15 years old would be in better state

DVD was a milestone for movies, I can remember when everyone run to the shops and bought Standalone-DVD-Player. Many ppl started to buy their favorite series on DVD and many movies.
Many concerns about the longevity because DVDs have the physical size of CD but much more data. But I have DVDs from 2004 which are still work fine.

Now BD is out and I am concerned about the future.

I have burned BDs which are 2,5 years old and unredable or almost unreadable. Even my worst CD-R and DVD-/+R had a longer life.
Other BD-R are stll readable but also degrade much ore than CD and DVD do.

The manufacturers seems to use more money for the developement of copy protection than any other aspect of BD. I think Sony & Co. designed BD to make sure that the consumers need to buy the next optical storage devices in some years.

But will the consumers do that? HDDs are faster, need less space, more and more ppl have a NAs or big external HDDs to backup data.

More and more Notebooks don´t even have an optical drive.

BD-drives are IMHO overpriced. Why a DVD-writer costs around 13€, a BD-writer 62€?

The internet-speed also have an effect. At the time we had CD and DVD the internet was much slower. Now you can stream HD-movies via Internet.

The future of optical storage? I don´t think it dies that fast, but less ppl will use it in future. This also means the prices of drives and media will stay higher.

I still use HDD, SSD and CD/DVD for backup important data. I test the media from time to time and copy it after some years to newer HDD/SSD/CD/DVD.

But I guess more and more ppl will store their data online, I don´t know why? Always available if you have internet, but do really someone need that? My important data will be stored local, its much more secure than any cloud.

Sony presented last year the successor, beginning with 300GB, but it sounded more like for industrial than for home users.

What I don´t know: Can it also use CD and DVD or not? Or should I store some actual drives and hope it will work when I need some in some years again?

My conclusion: I don´t think optical storage die in the next years but it will be more exclusivly, in price and availability.

Thanks for your view.

I think I will go for Verbatim 43890, USB blu-ray writer, which can write 100GB bluray m-disc. Not much reviews over this item and I do not seems to have much choice over my part of world.

Hope that it will work well.