Future DVDIdle version

I’ve been a long time user of DVDIdle Pro and see that no future updates are expected. While I have no problems with paying for a new product, the main thing I’m looking for out of a product is the on-the-fly processing of DVDs rather than the ablity to make unencripted copies.

The reason for this is that I use a company laptop and have to move between region 1,2, and 3 disks so DVDIdle has been a great solution.

Is there some solution that I have missed that has made the features of DVDIdle Pro redundant?

Thanks in advance.


I believe since you have DVDIdle Pro that you can purchase dvdfab at a discounted price. Also since your worried about being able to play different region dvds, thats not a problem since dvdfab makes the backup dvd region-free.

I too would like an updated DVDIdle Pro.

I dont want to make a copy of a DVD just to watch it Region Free. I use the program because it let’s me stick in my DVDs and play them no matter what region they are. I’m not interested in making copies of them.

All I’m saying though, is DVDFab is a bit superfluous for me seeing as how all I want to do is play my DVDs, not make copies of them, and I would welcome an update to DVDIdle Pro any day.

Thats where the problem is, I’m in no position to first upload DVD file sets to my company laptop before I start to watch them. Business machines have a habit of being configured for business requirments rather than having large amounts of free disk space for DVD images.

If all you want is to watch the dvd on your computer straight from the disc then I’d suggest purchasing AnyDvd, I really don’t like suggesting this program b/c I’m a paying member of dvdfab, but for your case that is what you are looking for.