Fustrated, Movie to Phone. HELP!

I have two movie’s that i ripped using DVD Fab and DVD Shrink for one movie and DVD Decrypter and Clone DVD2 for the other movie. “The Guides” which i think is Slysoft helped me get as far to complete the copy and put it in a file that it said to make in my C: Drive as “DVD Work” they are now in a ISO format. 1. I tried several attempts. CloneDVD Mobile, movie finished converting but after that it did not advance me to anywhere to download to my phone! So i deleted the program from PC. 2. I have Samsung Studio PC 3 and i sent the movie their to D/L to phone. I dropped it in my card, but when i viewed it on phone it only played for 14 seconds. I tried the advice of others on other fourms such as AfterDawn and Cingular. 3. I tried Acala but i found out that it’s for internet movies only! (The Free Ver.) When i tried to open the file where the movie is, it kept opening all the way down to the chapters and it would’t go into the box to open. Another person told me to open cloneDVD and go to Source and Output page and bring up my phone while it was compressing. It wont open my phone, and he left out some inbetweens, that didn’t work! I know there is something missing?

Hmmm… sounds like one for the folks over at the ‘Copy DVD Movie’ section.

Transferring now…