Thought I understood this…
Went to B/u a movie so I installed ANYDVD & CLONEDVD2 & DVDSHRINK & Nero.

I Used any dvd & clonedvd to make “DVD Files” on my hard drive. This way I can remove the unwanted languade tracks / open to the MENU / Clear trailers etc. Right?

I can’t view them. Don’t have a player that will open it. So I can’t tell if I did this right. Anyway that is an inconvienence & not a real issue because I plan to burn it back to DVD. So I run ShrinkDVD pick the files, run the anylizer Pick my burner as the destination & hit Burn…and nothing. Says that it can’t create a folder on the destination drive.

Any help would be apreciated…

Windows 2000 pro
Anydvd newest ver
CloneDVD2 newest ver
ShrinkDVD newest ver
Nero 7 Ultra
Benq DW1625 USB Burner
4x DVD+R Media (Memeorex)


If you want to see results of the work of clonedvd, you don’t need dvd shrink.

This error message is due to the fact that you give at dvd shrink the burner as output directory, and it is the wrong way to burn a file.

To see results you can:

  1. install a player on your conputer like powerDVD
  2. burn all files created by clonedvd on a rewritable disc, play the rewritable on your standalone player, and if results are what you wanted, then do a definitive burn on a regular media.

Nice idea to preview on a DVD-RW. Thanks.
Also thanks for the suggestion on the viewer.

But still I have the issue where I can not see the drive to burn to.

Boy, I gotta tell ya, it’s hard to contradict a guy with 4,447 posts! :clap: but many players won’t recognize RW disks. If that doesn’t work for you then go with geno888’s suggestion of using a computer based player like PowerDVD. You should have gotten it “bundled” when you bought your ripper or burner. Or just do an internet search for PowerDVD, it’s probably a free download.

BTW: doing backups on a Win2K machine like yours is much safer than using XP which has all the new DRM crap in it. And it’s only going to get worse. There won’t be anymore SP’s for W2K but watch out what “updates” you download. Make sure they are only security related. If they are in any way media related, read very carefully before you accept them.

You can’t see the drive to burn to because DVD Shrink doesn’t burn discs. :wink:

You have to burn with either Nero or DVD Decrypter. I highly recommend using DVD Decrypter.

you can burn with nero through dvd shrink with absolutely no problems. you choose the drive, the speed, analysis, and everything within dvd shrink.

as far as the “can’t create a folder on teh destination drive” I’m not sure how to explain the error message nor do I know what exactly is wrong.

Thanks :bigsmile: , but I’m not perfect, and in all these over 4000 posts there are many errors :o :doh: .

The good thing of this forum is that there are many minds around a problem, and in this way we all together are able to find a solution.

And you’re right: :iagree: :iagree: some standalones are very picky about rewritable