Fussy lite-on 1633S



Anybody having reliability problems with this drive?
I’m getting it to burn ok,but sometimes it can’t read it’s own burn’t discs.
It will not burn bulqpak dvd-r 8x.I’ve only got Datawrite 4x dvd-r and Memorex
4x dvd-r to burn successfully as yet.
Can anybody recommend a reliable media?


Although i don’t have this drive i do have a lite-on 812s@832s (this means a lite-on 812s hacked to 832s, so it burns dual layer discs). Lite-ons and dvd-r’s don’t get along well, in fact it can be quite hard to get a decent burn to a dvd-r with a lite-on drive. After burning many datawrite dvd-r’s myself (ritek g04 dye) i found that none of the burns were that good, testing them in my xbox showed this, as the burns of movies tended to be pixelated and would freeze etc. This was partially solved with a firmware update at


you’l see that there was new firmware released less than two weeks ago, this helps it to match more media types. To update the firmware (which by the way is when you update the software on the drive), download the new firmware and click on it, it will then update your drive so its more compatible with more media.

I solved this problem completely by using dvd+r’s instead of -r’s, and changing the booktype to dvd-rom (you can download a booktype changer on the lite-on site as well http://www.liteonit.com/ODD/English/e_downloads/e_utility.asp ), its the v1.3.3, this changes the way a dvd player sees the media, so instead of the dvd player thinking its a dvd+r, it actually thinks its a dvd-rom, this helps with compatibility, so gives better burns. I use ritek R02 media, also by datawrite now, and i get really good burns 99% of the time that even work on the picky xbox.


for liteon’s - ritek and memorex -r’s work fine for me - 851s - gs0h firmware …


Two things that you need to look into. First follow Crustyteacup’s advice and look into firmware. Firmware is easy to change on liteons and can make a big diffrence. Without a good write stratagy (contained in the firmware) even the best disks in the world will not burn well.
Second, learn what media codes are. All three of the brands you mentioned do not make thier own disks (or do not make most of thier own disks). I looked quick and all three of the brands you listed use both good quality as well as really crappy quality disks. For anybody that might argue that these brands are good, all three use princo for some of thier disks (do a search on princo and you will find out quick what that means).
Here is a thread that will at least give you an idea of what media codes are and how to get started.
If you just buy by brand it is going to get very frustrating when you get one pack that is good and another that is total crap and will not burn.


Thanks for the info people.I have the latest firmware installed in the drive.It was the first thing I thought of aswell.I haven’t tried any +r at all yet as I have various - r’s to hand.
I’ll follow your guides to brand choice and take it from there.