"fuse" CDs into one DVD?


I have have many multiple CD games, I was wondering is it possible to “fuse” them and burn it all into one DVD? will it install?

It depends on the game! Some multiple CD games can be burnt onto a DVD and they will install and work, but not all the games will. :slight_smile:

oh k, thanks Coathi!

Just make images of your cds using Alcohol (or any other program that creates images) and burn them to a dvd, when you want to play just mount them with Alcohol or Daemon-tools.
Games like Diablo 2 or Doom 3 for example are a lot easier to install with this method :wink:

Yes that is one way of doing it but you still have to mount them one by one and you didn’t achieve much and it takes as long if not longer then using the CD’s. But with some games you can burn them as one ISO and it will install and play just like an original DVD game.

Yeah coathi, I know that you can do this with Far Cry and Doom3, but not having to keep swaping discs is already a great advantage IMO.

Sorry for bringing this thread up, just wanted to say Thanks to all you guys for replies :slight_smile:

I went with the ISO making method…

It is possible, with some games. I have done it. It can be complicated…