Furio read and burn speeds

I’m trying to sort out my new Furio. Readers / Burners are LiteOn 48x and 52x burners. When reading and writing audio CD’s, the read and burn speeds never exceed 40x, even if I set the read to max, and burn to 52x speed.
Why? It looks as though Furio is limiting me to P-CAV on both the read and the burn drive.

Compare with these results:
It seems that other people can read at higher speeds…
Strange… do other programs read faster?

Have you made a “Test Device”? (Program Parameters menu)
There is a tedious “Setspeed test”, which will test setting the drive with all possible speeds (52)… (Better change the size of the test from 05:00 minutes to 1 or 2 minutes).

It seems to be working right now, so I guess I’ll mark this up to “user error.”

possibly the drive got stuck with those speeds for some reason and they won’t change until you reset or maybe make some changings of speed.
It happens :confused: