Funy reaction to copied cd

after burning cd of heroes might and magic 4, safe disk2.? with clone cd. the cd apears to have not worked program says insert correct cd but if I watch the cd player plex 32x scsi or 40x plextor scsi [another machine] and wait for the cd to spin down and try again it works. I,m using a tdk 40x cdrs, have made several disk reading with plextor 40x scsi ,plextor 12x10x32 scsi, 40x12x48w liteon ide have burned them with newest clone version using protected game profile, safedisk 2 no aws and even inabled subchanel readingwith these profiles. all do the same thing. just curious about this wondered if others have had this hapen. It even does this on the install takes two cd after number one is done asks for number two disk get blue screen asking for corect cd If I wait till spin down anywere between 30-75 second it works.