Funnyiest Member in CDFreaks Forum 2005

Well here it is : Funnyiest Member in CDFreaks Forum 2005

Post a replay and tell us who you think is the funniest Member in the forum and tell us why … enjoy !

I’d have to nominate Namoh. He seems to come up with some of the funniest things to say when you least expect it. When I had posted a response about the Israeli hackers, Airhead responded “Smart people throw themselves down stairs?!??” for which Namoh countered, “I throw myself down the stairs all the time!” I was laughing so hard for so long and I still get a hugh laugh when I think about it. :wink:

Airhead, no doubt about it. The guy has limitless imagination.

I have to say…
Airhead…hes just super funny…if you don’t come to chat you just haven’t fully experienced him

and I can’t leave out
Debro…hes another funny person…he always makes me laugh so hard my tummie hurts…

without a shadow of dout Airhead gets my vote :bow:

especialy his posts in the quest :clap:

keep it up Airhead :iagree:

Maybe I should nominate ako. His avatar always gives me a chuckle–without him saying a word. LOL

I nominate KickF for starting this “funniest member 2005”-topic when we’re just half through 2005. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s gotta be Airhead. He makes me laugh with just about everything he says.
And I still think he must look like his avatar :slight_smile: cause it goes perfect with what he says in his posts

pinky dual head

Been a bit funny yourself heh :wink: Maby you should start a new tread to vote off the dumbest of the mebers here :bigsmile: :wink: maby I`ll win :rolleyes:

Just hope pepz dont vote for someone that just posted a good joke in "YOU KNOW WHICH" Thread ;) ... There are those that can tell a good joke and there are those that cant tell a joke funny at all. Typeing one down don`t count. It can be funny but One that can tell a joke can much likely tell it more funnier.

I must say I have to agree with those saying that AirHead is quick whit a funny reply

Airhead is in my top 3, just like Mr. Belvedere (his cynical and sarcastic remarks are great). :iagree:

@Quema34, thank you I’ll send the bottles of Whiskey as soon as possible

I resent being called a pain in the stomach …

Mr B & our one and only infamous Modelatol!



This isn’t something I’d advertise :stuck_out_tongue:

The difference between Airhead and the rest is obviously simple.

The rest is trying to be funny, Airhead IS funny.

with a name like airhead he’s either funny or a complete airhead sometimes i think he is trying to be serious but never makes it

Wooohoooo I be funny.

Airhead, Womble, Beer_dog, gene_simmons usually make me laugh, but sssh! :wink:

Rabbycrappleton! :smiley:

There she blows!