Funny pictures you've found on the net





Hehe, I simply have to get myself one of these as I have completely lost track of which I’ve watched to the end or not. It’s dang hard to read as well, I may tell you :wink:

Now, all that is needed is a DVD-blanker for original DVD’s I don’t care for anymore


I like it.



Take care when listening to records with headphones . . . :hushed:
Headphones warning for record players


What does the DVD rewinder do? Play a DVD in reverse?
Can’t a computer do that?


Saw this meme the other day and thought it was quite appropriate regarding today’s society.


I recently discovered a freedom-respecting open source social network called Minds. Someone on that network uploaded this picture a few months ago. (I can’t remember who, but I downloaded it so I could SMS it to people I know.)


So very true! There you have it, British leaders are secretly cats.


I was trying to access our office stationary website at work today and got this webpage saying our IP address is blocked. For anyone that understands IP addresses, that ain’t an IP address! :bigsmile:

I’ve my doubts about the request ID also. :wink: We did check and indeed this issue is affecting everyone issue at the time of posting this.


Can you see it?


Yes, I can see it.


Here’s one off hand:grinning:HPTSMSMVP.JPG (.jpg)