Funny pictures you've found on the net



I decided to go for the Sony Movie studio 13 suite upgrade and got presented this when I proceeded to download the package updates…

The full package was 5.7GB - Just downloading that on any of the above. :smiley:


I found so many I like, a few I stole, but still can’t figure out how to add any myself…




Captionalism? :slight_smile:



This organisation really exists! It has the most badass patch i’ve ever seen. Look at its eyes!


Let the nerd rage begin :slight_smile:


Danger, Will Robinson!!! :eek:




I think they covered the major 3 in the picture .
Deeply offending Babylon Five & Firefly .
As well as Battlestar Galatica & the Jetsons.



Panel 1:

Wo Wo Wo Wait a minute!

Panel 2:

Did you really want to attack a black man with a flaming cross while wearing a mask and cape? Really!?

Panel 3:

Wait! I … That’s not what i … Gee… Sorry… I didn’t know …

Hey dude… eff off!

More (dutch) comics of the same great artist can be found at


It’s really true though :slight_smile:


When one upgrades to Windows 10, it’s possible to recover the space that was used by Windows 8 by removing its files in the Windows Disk Cleanup utility.

I remember snapping this screenshot on someone’s cloudbook. Notice the slight maths problem between the recoverable space on the left and how much space was used at the time on the right… :slight_smile:




^ :bigsmile:
Not as funny, but I got a good laugh hitting this somewhere on the net



Something to look forward too, not.


Just when you thought you had seen everything.


Do you have a sweet tooth or what?