Funny pictures you've found on the net



I’ll start this thread off with one that is pertinent to cdfreaks.

Extremely Dangerous DVDS. Use with caution!


The first two are ones of our cats that I captioned accordingly. The second two are ones from the web.


Those ones of your cats are great, UTR :bigsmile:…gorgeous kitties, too :slight_smile:

I have plenty of this kind of stuff on my HDD, collected over the years. I won’t post them all, I promise. :bigsmile:

Here’s one to be going on with:




One of my favourites:





this is why men dont babysit


Somone had to :doh:


Actual LP cover:flower:


Soul, now I have to post this one for some balance.

Here’s another bike I think is somewhat funny/interesting.


They say the owners eventually look like their pets :eek: :bigsmile:

And I dare Dean to ride this after a few brews :confused:


Animal Cruelty?


Bearly missed the hole…








I always wondered what happened to Beavis and Butt-Head:bow:


How about the Irish Weather Machine? :bigsmile:





Do we really need to see pictures of actual rectums?! :Z


[QUOTE=DrageMester;2413477]Do we really need to see pictures of actual rectums?! :Z[/QUOTE]

I am just thankful they were clean and no dingle berries were showing. Or said orifice wasn’t being put to use when the photo was snapped.