Funny Drive Behavior...or not?

I have had troubles with the Sony drives…I have a Sony DRX-720UL and DRX-830UL…all with updated firmware. The weird behavior is puzzling. When I insert a blank cd or dvd the drive label will change from DVD-RW and DVD-RAM…to CD-ROM. I have gone to the properties and under recording checked the box to enable recording…boom…the system drive is unchecked and labeled CD-ROM. I use 1clickdvdcopypro/dvd43 with great success, but sometimes FUBAR. I inserted the dvd “SEVEN” and it reads CD-ROM (system drive) then a blank in External (DRX-830ul) and it read CD-ROM. I did not install the Nero software…don’t like it…does this affect hardware function…Sony told me that the drive will work with ANY Software…but RECORDNOW DX didn’t work until I installed force ASPI…anyone have any ideas on hardware tweaks?

Windows quirk is that!

Ignore it.