Funny answer from NEC!(NEC2500)

i found this in a german forum and use babelfish for Translation:

Dear NEC team!
My brother has inadvertently on my NEC2510 in the DOS mode fir firmware of 2500 up play now it also as 2500 is recognized! I now the DL ability lost?

Dear Customer!
They must in the DOS mode the firmware of the NEC2510 .Da both models hardware Ident are, arise the DL ability only as a result of the firmware.


Clearly they forgot to say that 2510 has hardware adjustments about DL writing :slight_smile:

Bad translation but get the jist of it.

User “My brother flashed 2500 on my 2510 and now I have no DL”

NEC “2500 and 2510 are identical hardware. Just flash to 2510 and all will be fine”



Ya thats how I read it too, interesting coming from a company that posted an open letter to customers saying there not the same dont do this.

yep. I seen enough on here to realize it too.
Not sure which is funnier: this post’s admission from NEC, or the pics that Wesociety posted (sent to him by someone cant remember now name) where they described a PC and its burner as 2510, yet the close up on drive’s sticker showed is as a ND-2100 :wink:
Nec makes a great burner…but their marketing folks are running the show…money rules… :frowning:

btw, it was proven/makes sense that dl is mainly a firwmare-spec’d issue, though it is known also that some have flashed correctly and can’t do DL burning…any suggestions why? laser/hardware are indeed the same, or else not one 2500 would have succeeded in DL after flashing…

duh :frowning:
i spent $17 bucks more for the same thing and now have to downgrade to 2500 ???
i could have purchased 25 pack dvd-r for that extra money :frowning:

It wasn’t taken from nowhere. It was direct link to FCC website and pictures showed ND-2510A drive example provided by NEC.

OMG that translation is really bad…

You’re right; I said pics he posted, but i guess I mean his post that had link to pics…LOL I guess my lack of sleep is starting to affect my accuracy… thanks for the correction…should we put that link here?

Could somebody Post the link to the German forum? I would like to read ist in my native Language. Especially as this translation is very “Babelfish” :eek: