Funny and silly messages displayed by software



While I often see error messages that are unhelpful or contain typos, occasionally I get some absolutely silly and ridiculous messages. For example, I’ve had past experience of Windows Update saying “Windows update has encountered an unknown error”. How does it even know it’s an error?

Anyone using a Windows Phone is well aware that they need to use Zune to transfer content to it, but what happens when the Zune software says this:

I never did manage to get my Dad’s Windows phone to work properly with my PC, but my Android phone works fine. :cool:

While not an error message, the HMA Pro software (Internet proxy) displayed this in place of the country selection drop-down:

I’m not quite sure how olyteddy’s signature got in there, but it stayed put until I closed its window.

Does anyone else have any silly software messages to share?




Yeah I really like that one! :iagree::bigsmile:



What really gets me is lowes in the USA now always ask on the screen that you swipe your card if the amount is correct. How in the world would I know if it is correct unless a used a calculator. I keep telling them to change there software and stop asking a stupid question It would be ok if they gave me option of saying I do not know but all they give you is yes or no. I think I will start saying now since I am not sure.


User action: Do nothing, the problem may resolve itself.


I still love:



Keyboard not found! Press F1 to continue…


[QUOTE=electricelf;2653426]In BIOS:

Keyboard not found! Press F1 to continue…[/QUOTE]

You mean in POST?!?!


Yes :o

The thing with the white letters on black background :bigsmile:



One of my favorites too! :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=chef;2649719]I still love:[/QUOTE]
The page opens for me, but it seems they have removed the document on the page.


Got this repetitively on someone’s ill Windows Vista PC:

A system call that should never fail has failed

As if that’s of any helpful info to anyone…


I would love to “install” this error to a lot of my users:


Got this error when Xmedia Recode crashed out:


[QUOTE=greenear68;2654143]The page opens for me, but it seems they have removed the document on the page.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, they did…

Others seeing it as a marketing space: