Funky Pioneer DVD-105SZ

I have a 1.5 year old Pioneer DVD-105SZ slot-loader DVD drive. Lately, this drive seems to be acting up, in that it takes a LONG time to recognise any disc, be it a normal CD-ROM or a DVD. The drive has been flashed with the latest 1.33 RPC1 firmware, and all that happens is that the drive just keeps spinning up and down, spinning up again and again. Very rarely does it recognise a single disc. I tried changing the IDE cable and cleaning the lens, but that did not make a difference.
Anything else that could be the problem?

Maybe take a look here: Pioneer Seek/Click/Poor Reading Fixed (Tutorial)

Dave, you da man :slight_smile: . Thanks a lot dude. That worked! All it took was 1 turn on each of the screws!
Thanks again… you saved 2000 rupees of mine… can i put that towards drinks for you when I come to the US :wink: ?