Funky media? or Funky Firmware/drive?

These were both done at 4X using US0N
RICOHJPN01 sold as Memorex+R
Same batch almost consecutive disks

Any ideas on how to get more consistant burns?

Same medias? Why does Kprobe says No Media in the second scan?
btw I use those medias too and I’m getting something like your first scan, so very good. (at 8x too)
I suppose the 2nd scan was a defective media. dunno, may be you should try to burn with RICOHJPNR02 strat, but results are similar and R01 is slightly better than R02 for me.

It is definitly a Ricoh disk, I think I may have ejected the disk before saving the file and Kprobe saved the lack of media being in the drive as “No media,” rest assured it is Ricohjpn01 and does work well in my DVD player.