Funky Discs

Hey all,

I am looking for some reasonably good, funky looking discs, i don’t want brand names sprawled across the front. Like a nice funky shiney red disc or something like that or maybe one of those vinyl style discs you can get. I’ve checked out a few stores but can’t seem to find any i like, they’re only for reburning my cd collection to go in me car so they don’t need to be of any great quality cus i’ll just reburn em again if they brake as lots prolly will jus from wear n tear.Oh yeah n im looking for CD-R. If anybody has any suggestions please post em! I also live in the UK.!

Best Reagrds,

Try these Kaleidoscope cd-r’s, 100 for £6 at

wow, they do look cool, the only worry id have is if i cld write on them or not and be able to see what i wrote, i may get a pack of these tho, cheap as chips too, shame it isnt the same for delivery :Z

Delivery costs will pretty much be the same from any online store, SVP is a good company to buy from, customer service is very friendly.

Check out the wicked looking vinyl style cd-r discs!

buy them blank and print them yourself or get them custom printed and duplicated by W.E.B.S Ltd at

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