Funai uses Philips brand for DVDs in North America



I just posted the article Funai uses Philips brand for DVDs in North America.

Japanese company Funai Electric will begin selling DVD players and recorders to North American consumers under the Royal Philips name.
Funai will now be responsible for selling Blu-ray players, DVD…

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I really dislike re-branding as it can be misleading at times. It makes you think that you buy equipment manufactured by one, well known, company - while, in fact, you buy the product of another.


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Funai wins as they increment sales because of the Philips labelling, Philips wins as the get royalties payment from Funai, and consumers loose as they get misled and a low quality product.


Funai really isn’t that low quality. Their VCRs are some of the longest lasting I’ve ever had, be they badged as Funai, Symphonic, Sylvania, Hitachi, Philips or Magnavox.

Still, I’m beginning to wonder if Philips actually manufactures anything anymore…