Fun with IBM DTLA

I’ve just found an interesting posting in the german harddisc newsgroup.

Someone had RMAed his defective IBM-DTLA :Z , and after he got a new one, it died with 90 minutes :eek:

You’ve seen Life of Brian? Can you remember that song from the end?

“always look on the bright side of life”…

My point: probably stupid coincedence…if it’s true!

What are you trying to prove? There are more things you buy and break down very very fast. Better fast then after quite some time I’d say…

Thought mine was bad, 1 week

@Dee-ehn: I don’t want to prove anything. As the topic says: “Fun with IBM-DTLA” (and not “fun with IBM”)

I would not consider this to be fun… broken computer parts really suck, but a broken harddisk is the worst (except when it’s empty) that could happpen…