Fun with dick and jane

has anybody had any luck copying thes movie. What encryption breaker are you using? I used 1click and dvd43 without any luck. Ive uninstalled dvd43 and am currently installing the trial of anydvd. I hope this will help. Any advice is welcome :bow:

The latest 1ClickPro and the latest AnyDVD handle this flick with no problem. Posts by the author of 1ClickPro at dvdrextreme indicate that the very latest 1ClickPro and latest DVD43 work well together and will copy any current title. Regular 1Click has not quite caught up with the Pro version, but an update to that one is coming soon.

regular 1click has now caught up

version is new available for download :smiley:

The first program I puchased was 1ClickDVD and found out that using DVD43 will not working on several movies - Stealth, Capote, Dick and Jane.

So I purchased AnyDVD. AnyDVD will break the code on these DVDs - BUT my 1ClickDVD has a problem with ANYDVD after I uninstalled DVD43.

1ClickDVD will tell me that DVD is copy protected and suggest that I download the DVD43 program, it appears that 1ClickDVD is looking for DVD43 and ignoring ANYDVD!!!


Any suggestions!! Thanks for the Help!!!

Go into your AnyDVD setup and make sure safe mode is not checked. That can cause the problem you are describing with 1ClickDVDCopy. It is not compatible with AnyDVD in safe mode. Be sure you are using the latest versions of each.

Why not use something that works! The combo of clonedvd2 and anydvd.

Many 1Click users do also use CloneDVD2, as well as 1Click. You are right, it works. There are a lot of folks who are convinced that the transcoding and compression algorithms of 1Click produce a result that is visibly better than CloneDVD2, although I don’t know as I can distinguish between the results.

Guess we are sort of like golfers. We like to have more than one club in our bags.

Thanks!! I looked at some of the older messages regarding -
1ClickDVD and ANYDVD - I finally got it to work…

  1. Install DVD43 and then Uninstall it - this will remove MOST remains of DVD43 that will mess up ANYDVD.
  2. Go into the Registry and remove all references to “DVD43” - the registry has alot of DVD43 info that remains.
  3. Reinstall ANYDVD.
  4. Also run Spysweeper or an agressive Spyware removal tool.

Now it works Like a champ!! :iagree:

I also have DVDCloner III and ANYDVD (latest version as of today) and it will work on all the movies great - with one exception… “CAPOTE” - It will copy the movie but the sound tracks are do not synch with the movie…remember those Japanese Movies?? !!!

Yet - 1ClickDVD + ANYDVD will copy “CAPOTE” :rolleyes:

Thanks everyone for your Help !! Appreciate It!! :iagree: