Fun links to waste time at work with



Does anyone know of fun stuff to waste time with online at work? Post some links. I’m bored.


free to play just make acc and away you go


This place rocks. :bigsmile:


This is really bad. Doesn’t anyone have fun links? I’ll post a couple.

I know those aren’t great, but I figured I had to offer up a few if I want any responses.


You didn’t like mine? :bigsmile:


Damn, this thing is a time-wasting additction! :iagree:
I’ve spent a whole half hour hitting the penguin… :stuck_out_tongue: … and still my best score was 577.1. Why do I want to top that score??? :bigsmile:

And have you ever tried :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue:


this is fun Powerfox!


Nobody can watch this link for more than 20 minutes :

#9 Not work friendly and some people could find it offensive I guess.