Fullface or standard printables dilemma

after having problems with fullface printables ive been testing fullface printables against the standard printables (full face go right to the hole and standard to the raised rim) using the same dye and disc type the standard printables win on speed test every time!! both worked on everythink i have but fullface seemed slower loadind and at skipping chapters etc (used go5s on a pioneer 106)
looking carefully at the discs it seems the full face printable has the raised hub underneath and the normal has the raised hub on top ie the fullface is basically the same but upside downlook at 2 side by side and you will get my drift was wondering if anyone else has an oppinion on which if any is better also has anyone tried this with other dyes/leadin codes


First, the terminology I usually see used for these two types of printable discs is not “fullface” and “standard.” Most of the manufacturers and also the retailers are referring to these two types of printable discs as “regular printable” and “hub printable.” If you use this terminology, it may help increase the number of responses (I know you explained what you meant, but some do not carefully read the details).

Now, you mentioned that you were using GO5s. Should I assume you are talking about the Ritek GO5s? If so, be aware that a lot of reports have come from consumers that a lot of Ritek GO5 discs were released that have been “subpar,” or problematic. Not all of them, but it has been reported that Ritek began using some new factories with these discs, and that a lot of them did not have the old reliable standards, so it was often hit or miss as to whether your discs would be okay, or might turn out to hve real problems.

As far as speed tests, I am puzzled, since I have never had the need to trim a few mere minutes off a burn, at the risk of increasing errors. I know that a lot of people do, but I just do not find it worth the risks associated with a faster burning speed.

I have had terrific success using the Taiyo Yuden hub printable white surface discs (usually the 8X ones), and burning them at 4X. No coasters. No skipping, and the few times I have run error tests, they came out exemplary.

Just my own thoughts and experiences…


Printable -R Riteks are among the most problematic discs available. It has been shown that the printable version of G05 often behaves badly, even with the best G05 sources (Traxdata).

Conclusion: don’t go printable with Ritek -R discs, or go for other discs if you really want printables. :bigsmile:

But then again Ritek printables do have some advantages.
The print is quite stable against UV( the disc itself however could be much better ), Fast drying. Good compatability with most printers.
It’s a shame that the printable G05 behave that problematic.

:iagree: - their printable surface is the best I’ve tried to date. Actually it’s on par with premium silk paper, and gave me not trouble for color calibration, unlike TY printable surfaces that gave me headaches to get the colors right.

But who cares about the quality of the printing, if the disc is unreadable after two weeks? :rolleyes: (still talking about the -R discs, I have NO experience with Ritek +R printables).