Full Spectrum Warrior

just wonderin if ne1 could help me here.

Scanned Cds with A-Ray Scanner - scan came up with Securerom on the 1st CD only, So I backed up Full Spectrum Warrior CD1 with alcohol 120% securerom profile.

I backed up the rest with clonecd.

now when i install the game an error saying it cant find a certain file in the.pak2

I think i st00fed up sumwhere as this seems to be just b4 i swap the cds.

Welcome n00gz,

on which CD is the .pak file located? I would suggest to create a new backup of this disc using slower speed for reading and writing and get some high quality media.

Have you tried the orginial?
What brand of media are you using?
What CD unit are you using to read/copy the disks?

It’s extremely likely that you would need to use the SecuROM NEW (4.x/5.x) profile.
Is that the profile you used? Or just plain vanilla SecuROM?

yea i used 0l ’ vanilla securerom cause thats what a-ray said

tried puttin them all on DVD cause a trio of cds suxors

Now it says insert cd2 lo,l i need 2 edit the freakin .msi file now & i wouldnt have a clue.[/IMG]