Full SPectrum Warrior 2-securom 7 issues?



Bought and installed the game. The standard " emulation detected warning" came up, so I disabled “hide cdr media” in clone cd. After that the game seemed to work fine.
However, upon exiting the game, I found that I could no longer re-enable the hide crd function in clone cd and my Alcohol virtual drive AND my DvdCopy4 Virtual drives were gone. Tried to re-enable the drives in the respective programs to no effect.
Going into device manager showed the dreaded yellow exclamation marks next to all my drives, scsi and ide.
Uninstalling the game had no effect. It took a system restore to get them back. Not even the restore point just before game installation worked, I had to go to one 2 freaking weeks back.
Granted, I didnt go digigng around in my registry. But I shouldnt have to.
Is this a new thing for securom ? Can I install my bought and paid for game without this invasive behavior , or do take this malware back to the store(canceling creditcard payment if they wont refund)?