Full screen video on 28.8m technology

I just posted the article Full screen video on 28.8m technology.

Unbelieveable. A full screen film on a 28.8 modem. I wanna see some examples, i can’t believe it.

Hot on the heels of the announcement that five Hollywood studios are banding together to…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2416-Full-screen-video-on-28_8m-technology.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2416-Full-screen-video-on-28_8m-technology.html)

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and for those with broadband… what does this compression supposes? expect even more quality on audio & video. Maybe a real DVD on demand? Going further, if such level of compression is possible, what’s the point for home users in wasting so much money on DVD-Video technology? Maybe it’d still be useful for data, but not for movies.

All I have to say is: DivX Replacement If this works then it will be the new codec for Ripped DVD’s. I hope they dont ever get rid of DVD’s or how do we rip them? :slight_smile:

When I see it I will believe it ! Until then, this smells like a hoax ! Realtime Near DVD Quality streaming on a 28.8 modem … come on !

this can be true. the question is - are the videos digital? “using internet protocols on an analogue line” if it were possible to beam an image in analogue, it’s possible. TV’s can pick up analogue video. do they have broadband modems and a nic card? no. analogue is extremly efficient but lossy. who cares though? i know it is possible but is it here yet? this is either the biggest news i’ve ever reaed on this site or anywhere on the net, or it’s total bs. only time will tell.

I agree with Kosh_Naranek i will beleive it when i see it… If it really works it sounds damed inpressive though.

i do not believe it at all… not 28.8 maybe 56k… maybe…

These guys have scientists working 24/7 and getting paid $150 an hour… I think that it is possible and has been done!!! Man once thought that sustained flight was possible… Wright guys figured it out… Going to outer space was thought impossible, it has been done! Why can’t they do something like this?

cool :slight_smile:

Lol - DanDaMan - These guys aren’t on $150 an hour, more like $1500 an hour :slight_smile:

I seem to remember reading about something like this a couple of years ago. Nothing came out of it but maybe this is the same group? Both are from australia. Hmm… wasn’t there a similar thing from france that turned out to be a hoax?

If they can do this, then it’s probably because the movies are compressed (so also the audio probably !, goodbye MP3/DivX ?) but then it probably needs a big CPU to decode the video/audio.

this is hard to believe, but if it is true… just imagine what it will look like on broadband connections

I wonder if it uses wavelets like the new jpeg format for pictures? thats able to compress 10 to 20 times pictures so why not movies?

What!! This is very hard to believe, unless it’s what axia had said analogue. If digital, the compression would have to work much much more than 10 or 20 times!! VCD uses about 10 times compression and you know that the size is still huge!! The numbers just don’t add up. Remember, 25fps means 25 pictures per second, 60x25=1500 pictures in a minute, 60x1500=90000 pictures in an hour!! If each image takes up 700k~1MB, I think you’ll get the idea that such a compression does not exist, unless with serious quality loss.

Not really look at a movie file in Divx, with good quality you have a rate of 60 to 100 kb/s devided by 20 thats 3to 5 kb/s wich a 28 800 modem can do . But this is an incredible compression with Divx a movie is about 300 -400 MB with this new that has to be reduced to 15 to 20MB for 1.5 h of fils that is, thats is really really small.

Divx movies are already compressed!! So you can’t divide by 20 again!! That would make it 40% compression!!

Oops, I meant 40 times compression. Anyway, where did you get 60 to 100kb/s from ? VCD is 600kb/s and the quality is not that good!!

Axia, Analogue is not very efficient. The pictures TVs pick up takes up so much bandwidth (about 6 MHz each) in the UK we can only have 5 different channels.