Full Review of Plextor PX-716A on CDRInfo




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I don’t think this drive will ever become a “champion”. The hardware has been ready for quite some time and Plextor had a lot of months to tweak the firmware.

Plextor might have great experience & reputation, but I’ll wait for their next DVD hardware…

A very nice review indeed. Firmware v1.04 sure looks promising.

Yes, such a nice review and good to see they wrote it totally on their own. Pffrt, another copy/paste review of those Greek guys, do they never learn? If they’re not up to creating a decent review they shouldn’t even start with it. See this:

http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=11953&PageId=12 and this:"Taiyo+Yuden+has+developed+a+technology+named+Autostrategy"&hl=en

Yup, it’s the same and the NikkeiBP.com page was first.

by Naoki Asakawa

(December 2004 Issue, Nikkei Electronics Asia)

Nikkei is perhaps short for Japanese Economy.

Hey, time to get up from deep sleep.
Autostrategy was announced by Taiyo Yuden in this pdf document on the 21st of September 2004. Do you really think that the Nikkei news is the original resource from the 30th of December? Come on… Both are incorrect not to mention the source, but to name the whole review a “copy/paste” one? Hmm. First to think, second to post I suggest. :wink: