Full range of Taiyo Yuden media coming to New Zealand

Well, That’s with fingers crossed! :wink:

Until recently it has been impossible to buy any top grade CD-R and DVD+/-R media in NZ.
Those of you who have been demanding in your requirements for high Quality, MIJ (Made in Japan) media have had to import it yourself from overseas, or purchase from the 1 source who imports them… both of which have been excessively expensive; i.e. More than $1 each for CD-R and DVD-R discs.

I have recently been in contact with Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd. Japan, inquiring about becoming a distributor/reseller for their media. Today I received a phone call from the President of the authorised Taiyo Yuden supplier in Australia, who seemed just as keen as I am to tackle the New Zealand market!

So, hopefully, within the next few weeks there will be a supplier of That’s and OEM Taiyo Yuden media in New Zealand, at reasonable prices.

So, stay tuned for further developments :slight_smile:

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Wing Li

with media like this I would want TY’s also

seen some strange mids from downunder

I doubt you’ll get the full range. I’ve inquired several times with the various resellers in aus about getting 8X +R into australia and I’m told TY just won’t supply it to Australia for some reason known only to them.

The only “That’s” brand I’ve seen in aus are some CD-R’s and 8x-R in loose jewel cases at JPL.

If you’re dealing with Australia as a source you’ll likely get only what we do. :frowning:

Hey Already_Taken, thanks for the input!

Your research is pretty thorough, and the 8X +R Range is not available at all. Looks like TY Global (Japan) Are looking to clear out their YUDEN000T02 via the already established market (U.S.).
Perhaps I was taken up in the excitement in declaring that the full TY range is available. However, the entire range available (to me); designated by TY headquarters will be available to this market if I get my way. I’m not even looking to make a profit from any of the sales- I would be quite content seeing the diminishment of the F grade (or Z grade, depending on perspective) market being depleted in favour of good quality media.
I’m sick of looking on trademe.co.nz, which is NZ’s eBay equivalent, and seeing: “A grade” or “High Quality” media advertised, which is generic made in honk kong (infodisc, wealth fair investment pty) etc.
I’d do it for the benefit of all people, If I could make a difference (e.g. people having DVD-Rs that actually play in their home DVD players and don’t degrade to unusable proportions within a few months) at the expense of rubbish media, I’ll be more than content with the result, rather than a profit margin.

I doubt that YUDEN000 T02 production is stopping, as it’s still a very popular disc type…

In Germany, Taiyo Yuden has sold That’s music cassettes in the 80s and 90s (and IIRC, also some CD-R in the early 90s), but have retreated from the German market. The only reseller in Europe with That’s media in stock is Disc Impex in Greece.

As you probably know, Germany is the place of [I]Geiz ist geil[/I] so most people are not even aware that what they buy is crap. I believe not many Germans would actually be interested in buying That’s media that may be more expensive than their favorite supermarket generic TY or MCC fakes from Hong Kong :frowning:

It’s just a shame that these crappy companies are allowed to sell such rubbish quality goods :frowning:

Personally, I’d ban them all if I was allowed to :bigsmile:

Well, @ the comments about T02 not being in australia, that’s not true. Someone on these forums who lives in the same city as I do, found a bunch of Fuji branded T02’s. He and his friends purchased the whole lot of them lol but the point is that they have reached australia somewhat.

JPL is also just one of the online stores that sell TY, I personally prefer PCX.com.au. But both are expensive for TYG03 and T03. More than $1 a disc. And the thing is that I have been easily finding verbatim media for [B]less than[/B] $30 dollars per 50 everywhere. So there’s no point in even bothering with TY when verbatim is better quality IMO, cheaper and way easier to find.

But as for NZ, I have no idea if they even have verbatim. But I hope you get the ball rolling for TY media at least. :slight_smile:

Must be a supply and demand problem downunder, for example the price of verbatim dual layer, it can’t be because they have to be shipped further?

Are there heavy import duties on blank media?

Are you saying that it cost 30USD for 50 spindles of Verbatim media in Austrialia? Thats highway robbery.:doh:

It’s around 29USD for a 50 spindle of Verbatim here in the UK as well (just converted it). I actually paid the same amount for a 25 spindle of Verb T02s in Maplin’s awhile back :eek:

$30 is about the normal retail price in the US for Verbatim 50 disc spindles. We tend to think the sale prices are the norm, but they are sales.

A 50 disc cakebox of Verbatim 16x DVD+/-R cannot be had for less than $33.80 in my area.
In addition to being a magnet for garbage, my area is also a magnet for profiteers :frowning:
(The lowest historic price was for 2x25 Verbatim 16x DVD+/-R, $27.10 :Z)

Needless to say, the prices online are significantly lower. Sometimes, the savings for just one 50 DVD+/-R pack outweigh the shipping costs! That’s really crazy :disagree:

Haha, I don’t feel so bad now, thanks :wink:

Mind you, I’m about to order a 100 spindle of Verb +Rs for £17.99 (around $35), that’s the best price I’ve seen 100 spindles for so far.

You are correct. But the sales are so frequent here, I have 1000 MCC-004 that I paid 12.99 per 50 spindle and then on top of that got a 10 discount off that price for every 50USD I spend at Office Max. It avg. out to about 10.00USD per 50 spindle. Even the Yudens ( Sony Branded ) can be had here for about 28.00 per 100 in 25 spindles for 6.99 each. I guess the difference is all in the tax your country puts on the media.:confused:

Nope, I mean Australian dollar and I also said less than 30 bucks. Most places have them for $29 or $27. On sale they are sometimes $22 and once they were $18 per 50.

This situation is not unique to the German market, apart from TY’s dominance (as last reported) of the Japanese market, [I]every[/I] other market for optical media prefers lesser quality as price is most important.

I think you’re probably right. I guess I’m lucky to have a local Kmart that regularly sells Sony AccuCORE DVD+R 25-pc spindles for 6.99 USD. The 8x MIJ is T02, and the 16x MIT is SONY-D21-00 that burns well for me and is rumored to be stable stuff. Matter of fact, I bought 100 T02’s and 50 D21’s today on my way home from work. :slight_smile:

Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if TY stopped T02. TYG02 is undoubtedly its best seller, especially in its home country of Japan, and probably elsewhere as well, considering the preference for DVD-R in the duplication market.

I’m sorry my comments were not clear/concise enough not to be misconstrued as being untruthful.

I was of course talking about (which I thought was clear) T02 coming from official Taiyo Yuden supply lines sold as TY media, and NOT TY media sold under the Fuji brand by Fujifilm Australia or any other brand. I’m already well aware of the Fuji supply of T02 in aus considering that I specially ordered 500 last year which I’ve previously mentioned here on the forums.

BTW, You can still readily buy them and your friends haven’t “purchased the whole lot of them”. All you have to do is order them in through any Camera House outlet that deals with Fujifilm Australia. You’ll drop dead of shock though at the price being asked.

I’ve also periodically got them from www.digitalcity.net.au though they currently don’t have any listed that I can find.

Besides JPLDisplays and PCX there’s also Norts and ones, MSY, PlusCorp, Selpaw, Xtreem, and numerous others. But the point is though that none of them sell the +R 8X most of us lust after and the “That’s” branded media is also under represented in aus as to what’s available elsewhere.

IMO, What’s needed is someone industrious enough with the resources to grey import the full range (and I mean full) rather than yet another reselller of TY media in the region that deals with Australias pathetic distribution setup. That equally goes for other regions that get shafted too.

You already answered your own question. Shipping is expensive unless one buys a huge lot, and not many would actually be capable of doing that :disagree: