Full n00bie question: Compression?

get ready for the dumb question…i have no idea about this stuff

i know what compression is generally, but i was reading the DVD shrink tutorial by FurureProof, and was wondering what 54% automatic compression is - i mean, if im making a 1:1 copy then isnt the compression on the original DVD at 54% too? as a result i should get very close to the original quality?

he then tries to increase the compression by cutting out this and that, i dont really want to do that.

will copy be really inferior if i dont cut stuff out?


The 54% compression means its 54% of the original. The only way to make a 1:1 of a standard DVD movie is with a dual layer burner and a dual layer disc. You can get the compression up say 10-15% by removing directors commentry, ads, trailers, warnings etc…depends on how much extra crap they put on besides the main title. Unless you have a High Definition TV your never going to notice a difference in picture from original to backup.

Just to clarify a bit more… if you’re using DVDshrink, you want to aim for a higher % number in the compression box. I like to get rid rid of as much stuff as possible, say… All extra audio tracks that aren’t needed, the subpictures, any previews… you can use the “replace with still image” option to get the best results. As a rule of thumb, I like to get my movies to at least 85%-90%. You will not be able to tell a difference at this point. But, being the picky person I am, I like to get rid of everything I can to try to get the movie to 100% in the compression box. This will give me a perfect 1:1 ratio of the original movie, while still allowing me to have the original menu. (Full disk mode)

I never understood why people keep the menus. i find them annoying. when i wana watch a movie i don’t want to have to navigate through a menu…to each their own i guess.

Some people like the feel of the original DVD. It’s nice to be able to see a menu, go to the scene selection, etc. To each his own, brother