Full label frustration

My first post here.
I’m using HP’s Photosmart Premier that came with my laptop to burn labels on LightScribe disks.
The “full label” mode is the only one that allows you to use your own picture. But that mode requires a date be burned as well, and I don’t want to put a date on it because the disks contain family movies from different time periods.
Any way of getting around this, or alternatives?
Thanks, Mac

Hi Mac, and welcome to CD Freaks :slight_smile:

I’m going to transfer this question to our Printing and labelling forum, where you might get more specific help.

Edit: Done; you’re there… :slight_smile:

Nero’s labeling app works for me. I have an I/O Magic external (Samsung SH-182M) and the labels I’ve burned look pretty good.

Hello Mac, welcome to CDF :slight_smile:

I like SureThing software for burning LS labels, but it costs after the trial period. Nice and easy to use though. :slight_smile:

Edit: just saw olyteddy’s reply - if you have Nero, I’d try that suggestion first and see how you go.

My problem is solved.
Arachne’s mention of SureThing made me think I’d seen something like that on my computer. Actaully, there’s a program called Sonic that down in the corner says it’s powered by SureThing.
I’ve looked at Sonic before, but it seemed to be all about paper labels, so I wasn’t interested. It allows more flexibility with titles than HP’s PhotoSmart, even lets you move them around. Only slight problem I see is you can’t nudge the picture around to get a good fit like you can with the HP, but that’s easily solved by resizing the picture before you load it.
Thanks to you all, very much.