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Could any one give me a site where you can download full length games…without going through the crap most sites put you through. Thanks


TooooShaaae - Apoc, I have tried’n’been there but it seems all is as you so well put it.
I think they feel that adding CRAP and leaving out the REAL vitaminz is suitable.

I just don’t know, but I do know, reading around abit, the WAREz scene seems to becoming more noticed by the outside world. No threat really, but its a concern & you begin to wonder about the other people that use it & wether they keep there big gobz shut or not?!? Hmmm?!

Anywho, my point is Apoc, if you get anything decent, PLEASE let me know too, I’ve been trying to get ‘The Sims’ ‘AvsP’ ‘Theme Park World’ blarr blarr for ages & usually end up with half a game, or a most of the time, ZiP filez that are more useless than Windows itself… LoL

Well, happy hunting & happy LATE Motherz Day to all the motherz out there, coz I know a few use this ‘CDF’… yes really!

May the force be with you!
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Hey Guys,

  well i run a warez site, and the reason for all the crap is, when you see a thousand files for 1 app. or game, its because it makes it harder(but of course not impossible) for leechers. second the reason for the annoying pop-ups are for sponsors cause they get paid for them and makes there webhosting services free. well i dont have much pop-ups but thats some of the reasons for the crap. I know its a pain in the ass. I also have links to my affiliates with other good warez sites. If there was away around them it would be cool.

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Yeah, I know what you mean UpTownChris, but why are the (ZiP) filez usually corrupted & what do you mean by LEECHERz? I’m thinking you mean, people that make a link off your own site, slowing down your own site as there would be TOO many on trying for one file? Am I right, or total off my beem?

Anywho, the question still remains, what do we need to do, because for months I have VOTED, had about 20 pop-ups & read all I can, but still, I haven’t got far with it all. OK, so simple downloads, such as patchez & HaCKz worked of course & thanks to all that make this possible, but trying to Download an entire game has proven to be a waste of time for nothing.

UpTownChris, your great at this stuff, what wise wordz can one share amongst us newbiez!

PS. Keep up the good work, one & all.

Oh & why the HELL is Star Warz Ep1. on the lowest of formats, VHS & NOT on DvD? Who even uses VHS for playback anymore, unless its home camera stuff. Geez George, with THX & last 3 Star Wars, your think you’d have enough money! Hmmm?!


hey and guess what??? None of the DL links at ShadowKasters seem to work either!!! Suprise!! I just checked for shits and giggles (I used the the CoolEdit 2000 and Superbike 2000)…CE2K takes you to the directory for some talkcity site, and SB2K is a broken link. I tell ya, I would be willing to click on sponsor banners if the DL links actually worked, and I have a rather large blacklist of sites that tried to FORCE me to vote for their site on some list (I almost fall over myself to vote for a site that politely asks me to vote though)

But I understand that the warez scene is a free service to us (the users) and not a free service to them (the providers) but can we ask that you at least make sure your files are complete and all your links work before you bombard us with pop-ups and trick us into voting for you?



www.imaginers.com/iw never failed me in my searches yet…


try this one http://www.welcome.to/da-gamez



shadowkasters is a good example, with alot of leechers it decreases the bandith making the links go dow, as what just happened at shadowkasters, you cant really stop leechers, a site really works if its updated often. Alot of my links died down, now i have to update it( which makes it a pain in the ass) but what can you do? Also alot of the the clicks and votes you go into is just to give the site props and to increase there visitor status. Like Grafitti no point to it but everyone spray painted on walls to get known and recognized. Thats part of the warez seens, and offroadr , i have to update, thats how the ball bounces, i know its a pain, my solution is to make freedisk accounts and have people download the files, its hard work but at least ill get you guys your downloads, plus im doing this stuff pactically by myself. Hope to hear from you guys. As far as the dvd stuff (beats the shit out of me!! LoL!)

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