Full Format vs Erase (DVD-RW)

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I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what the difference between Full format vs Erase/Quick Erase (DVD-RW). I read the help readme from DVdInfoPro software but still cant differenciate the difference between the 2? They both take a similar amount of time.

(I’m using these Dvd-RWs to Back up movies using CloneDVD2 (Slysoft)
which option should i use?

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Quick erase just gets rid of the table of contents (TOC) and then you just record over the rest. Full format erases it completely. About the best i can describe it.

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Would DVD-RW be suitable for backup after erasing the table of conents? or do i have to erase fully? would erasing the table of contents be enough?


There is no need to do a full erase [that takes as long as burning the entire disc] because the drive erases and burns the disc in the same pass.

so what basically does full format do? thanks for replies

We already told you twice read up ^