Full encodeing in CloneDVD

Is there any chance that CloneDVD will in the future have the option to do full encodeing instead of just transcodeing in some future update or maybe just a option to chose another outside encoder like CCE. I personly use the trancoder for most dvds but I have like 30 or 40 that I would really like to get better quality in the backup and there isnt much to cut out. Example would be The Matrix,LOTR,Theres something about Mary special edition. These I dont look too good once I put them thru CloneDVD’s transcoder I know that this might not be something everyone wants but it would be a nice feature and also set CloneDVD aside from the pack since it would be the only one to fully automaticly do that. Just my opinion.:bigsmile:

I am new with all of this and was just wondering what encodeing and transcodeing where? DOn;t have to get to techinal if you do not want but if you want go for it. Thanks