Full dvd + new videos in 1 dvd

hi all:
I wanna create a menu with 4 items:
PLAY MOVIE (play the full dvd)
END 1 (alternative end 1, just the clip)
END 2 (alt end 2)
END 3 (alt end 3)
is it possible? in play movie I want the full/original dvd, that is ripped in my hard disk, and in the others clips with the alternative ends.can this be done with ConvertXToDvd?, because I have many vts files ripped.how can I import a full dvd, with the menus, extras, audio tracks, subs?..PLEASE HELP!!!

Hi there,

A menu item will be created for each input files.

So if you import the whole movie, and 3 ending files:


It will create you a menu for those 4 files.

Is this what you have, 4 input files ?

HI, thanx but it’s not what i’m asking. Id like to have four buttons in my menu: play movie end 1 end 2 end 3 i know how to create them , but what i need for theplay moviebutton is to refer to a full dvd, not an .avi,.mpg or any other video file, but a whole dvd(with the original menus, sounds, audio tracks), the dvd has 4 different endings, and in the play movie I want the dvd, and then in separate video files (theyre .vob) the clips with the other endings.I could just rip the movie from the dvd and use it, but I want the whole dvd, the real one, and the endings just video clips. hope u can help me

It is just what you are asking.

Add full movies first .vob as first track, then endings.
You will get a menu with 4 items, first one being full movie and rest those endings.

ok, but I have 4 .vob for the first item in the menu (full dvd), and then 1 per each endings(that´s not problem), how do I put the 4 .vob into 1 item?

Just do as I told.
When you add 01.vob CxD will add all needed vobs for that set.
So after you add that first, there will be all those 4 that belong to that movie.
Then add extra vobs.

thx, i’ll try it and let you know

when i add 01.vob, CxD adds the whole movie, but I want the whole dvd (menus, extras, subs) not just the movie

Hi there,

CX will not bring in the menus, extras etc…

It will only read the movie .vob (MPEG2) files.

I assume you will need other video tools/software which I do not know !