Full Drive encryption program?

Hello everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone could recomend a program that would encrypt a hard drive whenever the computer was turned off and then would require a password to decrypt and start the machine. An on boot encrypt/decryption scheme.

I can’t think of any but I presume it would take a very long time to start Windows if one did exist.

Why not use NTFS encryption on every non critical O/S folder?

Also such a program would slow down performance to a crawl… at least for my taste

not that long and indeed it will slow performance but not as much as you think,anyway i know 2 but they arent free

drivecrypt plus pack - http://www.securstar.com/products_drivecryptpp.php
safeguard easy - http://www.utimaco.com/content_products/sg_easy.html seems its possible to purchase it only on the .us site http://www.utimaco.us/products/easy/

http://www.truecrypt.org/ - It’s free…

i know that one also but is not up with the requirements

Q: Is it possible to encrypt my operating system boot partition?

A: No, TrueCrypt does not allow this. However, there are ways to ensure that the volume where operating system resides is read-only, which should prevent information leakage (registry, temporary files, etc., are stored in RAM) and make it impossible for an adversary to install a Trojan horse on the system. One of the ways is using BartPE. BartPE stands for “Bart’s Preinstalled Environment”, which is essentially the Windows operating system prepared in a way that it can be entirely stored on and booted from a CD/DVD (registry, temporary files, etc., are stored in RAM - hard disk is not used at all and does not even have to be present). The freeware Bart’s PE Builder can transform a Windows XP installation CD into BartPE.
If you use TrueCrypt 3.1 or later, you do not even need any TrueCrypt plug-in for BartPE. You can simply run TrueCrypt in ‘traveller’ mode under the BartPE system from a BartPE disk itself or from any other location where the TrueCrypt system files (i.e., ‘TrueCrypt.exe’, ‘TrueCrypt.sys’, etc.) are stored. The type of the CD or DVD on which you store BartPE should be “write once, read many” (for example CD-R), because rewritable disk types (such as CD-RW) might allow an adversary to alter the contents of the disk.

Hmm, what kind of added security do you expect to get by encrypting
your complete hard drive over using encrypted containers ?

Mainly i would be looking to protect someone accessing my files while going to class/ being away from my dorm room, and to protect the sketches that I am doing from being messed with.

have you tried hidefolders XP?
why encrypt them, when u can hide them :slight_smile:

If this is a shared PC and it is yours, make otther accounts, be the admin, and as I said earlier, just use NTFS security settings to restrict files with personal data.

If other members need more rights, you can always assign power user rights still they won’t have access to your stuff.