Full codec management not possible

Full codec management is not possible on an xp computer. The tools that are widely known and used can’t handle full codec management.

The “RadLight FilterManager” tool can open codec properties tabs, lets the user change codec merits and it’s a very well done tool, but it’s all useless because it does not know the modern “DMO” codecs. The “GSpot” tool shows DMO codecs and also lets you change merits, but doesn’t let the user access the codecs’ properties. How could the makers of those two tools, who both did a fantastic job, leave out the core function DMO and properties respectively!

Another tool is “Sherlock” but that one doesn’t even list demux/mux codecs! :a

Does anybody know whether the MMCompView tool can do everything or know about a monster tool outhere that can do everything???

Such things doesn’t exist.
For de-/muxing suitable tools are necessary.

What exactly does not exist. Demux and Muxing filters are listed in filtermanager as well as in GSpot. Or did you mean the codec property tabs only (of demux/mux-codecs)?

My post wasn’t about muxing/demuxing. It’s only about information about codecs installed on a PC.

afaik, dmo is only wmv9 decoding(what other decoder uses it?).

what are you trying to fix, anyway?

i use this
for dshow management

Thanks for helping, i4004. No, it’s not. DMO is the new way of codec implementation, like DirectShow is/was. The Sonic H.264/AVC video codec for example is a DMO codec. I don’t want to fix anything. I always had Radlight Filtermanager 1.4 as a regular on my system to have total control over every codec’s merit. You know, most people think that Windows Media Player is useless. If you have the right codecs with the right demux codecs and more importantly have control over them, you don’t need a media player at all. Windows can even play a Transport Stream AVC video with AAC sound like a professional HD DVD player. I don’t use anything else than Roxio EMC. The new version (EMC9) has every codec imaginable and - that’s the most important - of the very best quality in the world. But since the AVC codec is a DMO codec I had to throw away Filtermanager 1.4 and I’m looking for a great codec merit manager that can handle DMO and is able to give access to the codecs’ property tabs like Filtermanager could. So it’s more about having control, being able to do anything and the freedom to play back everything without Sonic DMX, Divx Player, Winamp and so on, and so on. And that works great, believe me :cool:.

Oh my god, thanks again i4004. I totally didn’t see the softella link you posted. I just tried it and it’s fanatastic. It shows the DMO codecs and the filter property tabs are acessable. You totally saved me! Many thanks for helping! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Oh, but it just shows the DMO codecs. No merit setting and property access. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Is there another tool that can???

give it up.
find proper dshow filters(there are dshow filters to do avc and transport streams…i think “haali” and “core avc decoder” should work…) and use some nice player(wmplayer9,10 etc. is crap). for example, what’s wrong with zoomplayer?

it seems obvious to me it’s too early to be tinkering with dmo; you lack tools, support in players etc.