Full cd shows blank

hi to every one ,
i am new to this forum , i have searched u r forum but could not find the solution to my prob ( or may be i missed any link ) .

     i have samsung dvd rw combo some days ago i burned few cds in data format as a back up  to my pc . it played nice for few days but then suddenly it started showing it as " BLANK CD " . i have writed it in 8x speed.

 not only this i faced similar problems even with freshly preapared disc . even after sucessful burning by nero 6 . it sometimes shows blank cd .i have upadted my dvd driver, but these cds are prepared by him only how it is showing blank cd . even some cds prepared by my friends computer shows blank cd in my pc ......

plz help some one

ps : operating system windows xp service pack 2
dvd drive . samsung rw combo
burner : nero 6

Hi and Welcome!

could you please try if you can read these discs in another computer?


i have tried to run those cds in my friends computer , out of 5 different pcs i have run those cds on 2 it shown same prod but run perfectly on other 3 pcs, one of these using samsung dvd combo. have any ideas, what may be the possible prob …

thanking u in anticipation

Update the ide drivers, they seem to be corrupted.

Sounds like poor quality media :slight_smile: