Full and empty cd's

I fear that this may be the ultimate cd newbie question, but here goes:
After burning a cd, sometimes it comes out and its properties are 0 bytes available and also 0 bytes written! So I throw the disk away
What is that?

And now my 2 cd rewritable cd’s are giving that same message and Easy Creator can’t reformat the disks

“Eat Attention in the Heart” Adi Da

Is nothing burnt to the cds?
Does it not give any errors when burning?
maybe you should try some other burning software.

That happens when you burn data as audio or use disc at once when its supposed to be track at once.

DD-No errors during burning–I ususally use NTI to burn and sometime ago I began to select “track at once/close cd after session” and I don’t remember if that has prevented this from reoccurring. That is when I tried Easy CD because it had the utility available to reformat disks but, as I 've said, it can’t even reformat rewritable disks. So I take Dark Star’s advise about why it happenned- but what use is “disk at once” and more importantly-can i recover the rewritables or are they dead too?
thanks to both or you guys for responding

You do not need to format the discs before creating an audio CD. When you format a disc it can only be used in Direct CD. When you use Easy CD Creator they are closed as a normal disc and cannot be formatted. If they are CD-RW discs you can erase them in Easy CD Creator and then you will be able to reuse them.