Fujitsu: SSD not what it’s cracked up to be



I just posted the article Fujitsu: SSD not what it’s cracked up to be.

Computerworld has posted a Q&A with the Fujitsu’s Vice President of Business Development on Solid State Disks (SSD). Fujitsu, one of the few hard disk makers hasn’t launched a SSD…

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When it comes to noise levels, hard drives can’t touch SSD. I’ll take an SSD that doesn’t offer better performance or power consumption over a comparably priced HDD any day. I suspect many more people will as well once prices come down.


Oh yes, because the noise levels of regulard hard disk drives are so noisy. I have to wear ear plugs just to keep from going berzerk.

Who here besides neo actually worries about the noise level of their hard disk drive? LoL.

Most power supplies will drown out any noticeable noise a hard drive could possibly make.


The only thing I can hear from my otherwise low-noise server is the hdd and it pissed me off. I would REALLY like to change it to a ssd.