Fujitsu/Siemens laptop, DVD problem



I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Laptop L1300 with a CD/DVD-drive (QSI DVD RW SDW-041). Does anybody know witch DVD formats it supports?


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I’ve moved this thread to the Optical Drives forum as this is about a DVD writer, where as the DVD Recorder forum is more specific towards for set-top DVD recorders that sit below the TV to record TV broadcasts.

Your drive features the following write support for the following formats, based on this source:

[li]16x CD-R
[/li][li]10x CD-RW
[/li][li]4x DVD+R
[/li][li]2.4x DVD+RW
This drive does not support the writing of DVD-R, DVD-RW or dual/double layer (8.5GB) discs.