Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A1650G - mouse problem

[qanda]This question is published in the hardware section for the Fujitsu AMILO A1650G. Click here to view full specs.[/qanda]The touch-pad for the mouse is no longer working. The same applies for all the quickbuttons, e.g. for the wireless network. Anyone have any solution?

Reinstall the software/drivers for these components.


Hi Michael!

I suspect hardware malfunction for the buttons & touchpad.
I´ve installed an external mouse that works fine.

But since the buttons dont work I cant get the wireless network activated.
Is there any other way to start the wireless network except via the button?



are these special buttons or are these hotkeys like “Fn” +“F11”? Such are mostly configured by a piece of software that is shipped with the laptop.

In case you’re right with your “it’s the hardware” assumption, you need to dismantle the laptop. I am not sure if Fujitsu-Siemens has service manuals for their Amilo models, but you should check that.

In order to sort out Windows related problems, you may try a Linux Live CD.


OK, Michael

Thank you for the hints & help.