Fujitsu lifebook

I have recently aquired a fujitsu life book from a friend, they told me i cold have it. the problem is that it does not have an OS on it. and the last problem is that the external cd drives they gave me do not work it says check cable. Is there any tips of what I can do besides get a new cable. there is a USB slot can I use my pc some how to transfer data???

rfjr :confused:

I don’t know about this model, but most can boot off an external USB cdrom. You can get a USB cdrom drive, and it will be handy for other purposes when you are not using it on this machine. You can also get USB keychains, which some people boot off of.

It isn’t common on laptops, but many machines can boot off the network, check the bios, if yours can you just need to figure out how to set that up. (last time I did it that was a pain, but once it works you can boot hundreds of machines easially)

Depends on the laptop though, if your BIOS doesn’t support booting from USB or the network you might be stuck buying a new cable. Have you checked with fujitsu? Sometimes you can buy replacement parts for cheap, if the rest of the laptop works this would be worth it. Of course others are expensive, I have no experience with fujitsu.