Fujitsu announces neutrality in blue laser war at CeBIT



I just posted the article Fujitsu announces neutrality in blue laser war at CeBIT.

Now we have
another manufacturer that has decided to support both
formats. The blue laser format war between Blu-ray and HD-DVD is just too
uncertain at this point for some to pick…

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I want a player that: 1. Reads Bluray and HD-DVD discs 2. Burns using the BluRAY spec 25-50GB 3. Burning with HD-DVD [optional}


And I want neither of these DRM laden monsters. I’ll stick with DVD for now, thank you very much.


How hard can it be for another manufacturer to make a derivative of the either format without Hollywood’s grubby fingers in the DRM pie? In fact, with no DRM? Just a data storage format? Of course we know Sony killed PDD - which was very closely related to Blu-ray, but was focused on the enterprise market. Something more mass-market oriented would be great. Now that blue lasers will be manufactured en masse (and quite cheaply before too long), I think it’s time for some clever defections using blue lasers but with a clever new format totally disconnected from Hollywood/MPAA/RIAA, designed to do a job and do it well (while avoiding some of the more expensive royalties paid on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray).