Fuji's on sale again @ Best Buy


So my question here. Does TY still package in that distinctive spindle?

Thinkin’ about grabbing a spindle if they are TYs.


The only way tell is to look at the Cake box and if it says “Made in Japan” they are TY, If made in Taiwan they are not TY. I haven’t seen any Fuji Made in Japan for a long long time. Good luck.:slight_smile:

They do still package in that distinctive spindle, but only for a few brands such as Plextor, That’s, Fuji and maybe Maxell and Verbatim.
So this could be TYs.

Yup, don’t EVER trust pictures posted on the net of name brand media. They could’ve posted that pic well over a year ago and are still using it, even though they haven’t had 8x Fuji TY in stock for ages. My local stores have been out of MIJ Fuji for well over a year and a half. If you do end up with MIJ Fuji they will most likely be very old stock.

In North America, where Best Buy is located, you’re not going to find any Verbatim, Maxell, That’s, or Plextor TY on any retail shelves. That’s strictly a European thing.

As for Fuji, they stopped selling MIJ and TY media once they upgraded production to 16x. If you can find older 8x media, then you might find some TY, including the blue colored disk towers in 30 and 50-packs. However, most of the regular Fuji TY has been gone from shelves for months, and the only place you can find Fuji TY is in those colored towers at places like Fry’s and Outpost. That is literally it. Fuji and TY are almost no more, so don’t get your hopes up.