FUJIFILM03 discs?


Does anyone know what other discs use the FUJIFILM03 dye other that the Datawrite Grey Classic DVD-R 8x discs?

Im tempted to start purchasing these again as im not too impressed with the TY discs ive been buying from SVP. Im finding that a glossy full-face label looks much nicer than printing on the face of the TY discs and considering the price of the FUJIFILM03 discs, its an absolute bargain!

Any help is much appreciated.


I suggest you to give more importance to the burning surface instead of printable surface. FUJIFILM03 media are not so good. TY discs are certainly better (if they are genuine).

Anyway, to answer to your question, I have a box media labeled Philips Made in India with FUJIFILM03 mediacode.

theyre from SVP which sell genuine TY discs, though theyre the 1159 batch code which everyone knows arent that great.

Ive never had as good of burns since the purple fuji discs which were YUDEN T02, rated for 8x but burnt excellent at 16x.

Here are 2 scans, 1 burnt in my BenQ 1620 B7W9 and NEC3500 2.TG both burnt @ 12x. Dont know what it is with my NEC lately, just doesnt seem to burn as well as it used to, BenQ always out performs it.

Maybe my expectations are a little high for TY discs, but i thort they would be better. Though it could be just how the drive is reading the discs with the PIF spikes?

Please, a clarification.

In your initial post you wrote “FUJIFILM03”, and this is a mediacode, not a brand.

Maybe you are referring to taiyo yuden discs with fuji brand, isn’t it?

Fujfilm 8x YUDENT02 discs i was referring to as being the best burns ive had.

I was initially asking for discs which use the FUJIFILM03 mediacode.

At present I have these discs which the scans are from:
{DV 3148} Taiyo Yuden (8x) ‘Full-Face’ Printable DVD+R in Packs of 100

I think maybe my NEC drive is not liking the firmware with these discs? Though ive seen scans of good burns with this drive and firmware on this media, but the Fuji branded discs with YUDENT02.

Sorry for any confusion.

Well, this is a scan of a media with mediacode FUJIFILM03, that is a -R 8x disc branded Philips made in India.

Hope that can help you.

FUJIFILM03 code is used officially by FUJI and licensed to Prodisc(taiwan), Ritek(taiwan), MBIL (india).
Incase of datawrite grey you probally get prodisc made media. I can not say anything about the printing quality of this type of media.

Fujifilm branded Dvd-R using FUJIFILM03 layer, burnt @8x with a LiteOn 1693S, firmware KS0A, tested on a LiteOn 1693S.

Just the other day I have bought two 5-packs: Fuji DVD-R 8x and Fuji DVD+R 8x. Made in Taiwan. MID: Fujifilm03.

Experience is bad either burning with LG GSA-2166D or recording with LG DR4912V DVD recorder. In the latter case it was the only disc in some months that the player could not record on till the end.

Conclusion: I will avoid in the future Fuji DVD-R and +R 8x Made in Taiwan, for sure.

FUJIFILM03 burns really well in my BenQ as of BSMB, but I’ve run into a bunch of discs with dye spots and other nasty things on them that screwed up an otherwise great burn.