I’m looking for blanks with copy at 40x with my Teac.

I’m also not surprised about one study saying Kodak is the best, then another saying Fuji is the best. As far as my experience with 35mm film goes, my picutres have always come out better with Fujifilm and cost less than Kodak. I think the big thing Kodak has goiong for it is reputation and marketing dollars, not quality. Not with film, cameras and I’m sure not with blank CDs as well.

Kodak gold was and still is the most reliable discs I’ve ever used, to bad they stopped producing these over 2 years age due to manufacturing costs.

Their silver+gold discs is also excellent and is very high on my “Best CD-R discs ever used” list.

Don’t have any experience with their kameras but their film seems ok to me, don’t really notice any difference compared to fujifilm.

Fujifilm CD-R disc is sometimes produced by Ritek, TY or themself:

Fujifilm: Their old green cyanine discs was good but couldn’t handle high recording speeds. Their newer gold phthalocyanine discs seems to be great.

TY: Very good quality, but do not write them at a speed higher than what they are certified for…

Ritek: Fujifilm branded ritek was the old green/blue cyanine type which is only around average quality. Will not handle writespeeds higher than 20X very well.