FujiFilm TY's still at Frys...tons of them



At least in So. Cal…
50 pack TY fuji’s (MIJ) for $25 there; so if Fuji is really phasing out the Japanese stuff for Taiwan media, maybe its not a real phase out? I don’t know… the 100 packs of Fuji (not the colored 10/spindle stuff, just the plain ‘typical’ layer fuji’s) were all Taiwan media except for 1; the 50 packs were all Japan…


or maybe they’ve just got a lot left. my local BBs and future shops don’t have anything but Taiwan :slight_smile:


Yeah I went to Best Buy yesterday (in South Carolina) and looked at the 50pack Fuji Film DVD+R and they were all Taiwan. I looked at about 15 of them, but there were about 60 spindles there . I ended up picking up a 50 pack of Sony DVD+R that were Made in Japan which supposed to be TY.


mij fuji’s are easy to tell from the cake box, but my bb has tons of them and so does my local fry’s renton-WA

i heard in canada where flyingpants seems to be from is where the shortage is, but then again its all about the stock of the store, maybe a lot of stock in wharehouses are still mij and when there out it will be mit


I am from Toronto,
All Fujifilm 8x DVD+R in BestBuy were made in Taiwan. All Sony are the same. I could not find any media made in Japan.


I’m in north Florida. Best Buy advertised the 25 count Fuji cakebox last week for just under 10 bucks. I couldn’t make it there, but I called and the clerk claimed they were MIJ…'course for all I know he just saw the company address and assumed…should have asked him does it specifically say “MADE IN JAPAN”?? Apparently their Sony stock was MIJ, as well.